I read Stacey’s (Living Lionheart) blog post today about turds… she has 3 boys in nappies and she wrote about how she’s always picking up their poo. I commented on her post, saying that I was happy that my kids were out of nappies and I’m over that stage.

What I didn’t say there, and what I thought I’d blog about tonight, is the next stage… she’ll get there in due course.

I’m not picking up poo, but I’m dealing with burps and farts all day long.

Connor is enthralled with farting at the moment. He’s the king of stinky farts and to top that, he’s discovered that various parts of his body can make the same sound… and he loves it!

He’s been armpit farting incessantly for a few weeks… he LOVES doing it… and he announces that he’s going to be doing it before he does… so that he gets the relevant response from everyone.

Today was the kicker though, and I drew the line.

He came to me this morning telling me that he can fart with his ears! He then proceeded to put his hand over his ear, and knowing what was about to happen I managed to stop him before he hurt his ears! Who knows how many times he’s done this! Hopefully he hasn’t damaged his ears in the process!

I don’t think he took me seriously though, because when we met my sister for movies this afternoon, he went through the gamut of farts to get her reaction too. And he tried the ear fart again!

I wonder what’s next?

There’s a hashtag for this you know… #livingwithboys