OMW this weather is driving me batty now… so much for suntanning and swimming in my staycation! It’s been raining ALL day today, and we’ve all got cabin fever including the dogs who started howling for walks this afternoon.

The kids were dying to play with their helicopters again… one of their favourite Xmas pressies. Elaine bought them… they’re Air Hogs. The kids have found them pretty easy to fly… not that they’ve mastered the crane bit or the shooting yet… but they can fly them pretty well… and they seem pretty solid too. Even though they’ve crashed a number of times, they haven’t fallen apart at all.

Actually, Santa also got them another Air Hogs thing to share… a Air Hogs Atmosphere… now that’s a silly toy! Looks uber awesome online, but in reality it’s more than silly and doesn’t really fly or hover like I thought it would. It just crashes to the ground and eventually gets tangled in the grass.

Connor is dreaming of clear skies and the sea actually… he keeps asking when we’re going to the sea again for a holiday. I wish it was now :(… I keep seeing everyone’s holiday photos on Facebook and Instagram and I’m green with envy. I’m just hoping we’ll be able to have a good holiday in April… we were hoping to go overseas but I highly doubt it… I wish with the 2 jobs I do that I had enough moola to pay for overseas trips too! Oh well, such is life… we’ll just have to make do with a local seaside trip instead.