As soon as I saw photos on Facebook last week on a colleagues wall showing photos from the Carols by Candlelight at the Lipizzaners in Kyalami, I logged onto Computicket to see how much the tickets were… and booked! We chose to see the matinee performance today, instead of an evening show… purely because of timing supper etc! LOL!

It was a super hot day today and not  a breath of wind was blowing through the arena… so the arena was a little like a sauna… but the horses… oh wow… the horses were magnificent!

We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. We went to the 3pm show. The Welsh Male choir sang christmas carols. The riders were dressed up like Father Christmas and the elves… and one of the horses even had reindeer antlers on for the show!

These are the young colts… Connor was fascinated because they’re about 4 years old…

Loved this set with 2 ladies riding side-saddle

This was also magnificent… cannot remember the names for these moves… but they were most impressive.

Can you see… this horse is completely airborne too!!

Then the kids had a turn to run around the arena, of course Connor joined in…

Then after the show we went to the stables and fed them a few carrots 🙂

If you’re wanting to know how I took the photos… I used my 70-200mm f2.8 L lens. I shot most of it at ISO1600 with f2.8 to get the highest speed I could in the low light… and I’m thrilled with my photos! In fact, so thrilled, that I’ve posted way more photos than I normally do on this blog! Next time though, I’ll make sure I sit more to the middle of the stands… so that I can get a better angle.

If you’re looking for something to do with your kids in Jozi, or anyone really, this holiday, you have go and see the show.