We haven’t been to Parys to visit Lance’s mother in ages… or rather I haven’t been because of my photoshoots. I’ve also not taken many photos there in a while, so when we went yesterday I decided it was high time I took my camera out again.

So these are pretty random, but reflect what I saw… so I decided to do a bit of a photostory today.

The boys took their cricket game to keep themselves occupied on the stoep… it was hellishly hot inside the house yesterday. I love this game, it reminds of a cricket game I used to play with my dad and grandad when I was little. If you’re wondering, the game is the AB de Villiers Super Cricket board game.

This little windmill is in their garden… I think it’s gorgeous!

Tannie Gwen says they charge R80 to transport a load around Parys… their horses look a little ill to me, and they need food. Bradley says they look tired.

Lance’s aunt has also got a new rescue dog… his name is Blikkies. She also has a few stray cats that have made themselves home there. One of them is a ginger cat, and he used to roam the streets with Blikkies. When he comes into the house, he calls Blikkies, and Blikkies leaves whatever he’s busy with and runs to greet his friend. Too cute to watch!

He wasn’t sure what this mad woman was doing with a black machine lying on the ground calling him. He barked at me a lot 🙂

Tannie Gwen and Oom Drik celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on Sunday. They thought I was a little nuts asking them to sit closer together for the shot. They were originally sitting upright next to each other with very stern expressions on their faces. They both ended up laughing when I told them they should be happy they made it to 57 years, and not be so glum about it.

I managed to surprise Lance’s mom, and she couldn’t say no to the photo by the time the kids had sat next to her and she realised what I was doing. It’s about time… I don’t think I’ve got another photo of them with her… ever!

And then it was time to drive all the way home…

For the first time in the kids lives, we’re not seeing them on Boxing Day this year. Lance’s mom wanted to see us on Sunday rather. Not too sure what we’ll do instead this year. But what I do know, is that we have a bigger Christmas planned than usual… we’re having friends over for Christmas Eve dinner for the first time and the kids are so excited about that. And then on Christmas Day we’re going to my parents house like we normally do.