Everyone around me is so upbeat about this new year… I’m not feeling it to be honest.

I’m not in a good space at the moment for some reason. I’m not feeling good about myself at all. I’m feeling rather fat and flabby. I’m looking tired, and in fact I must be looking my age or more at the moment because a sales lady in the shops yesterday told me so… that was a pleasant experience! My skin is looking shocking again. I’ve had to buy a bigger clothing size for the first time in my adult life. My wardrobe is starting to feel frumpy.

My ego has also taken a huge knock with my photography… for some reason I’m not getting wedding enquiries for this year in South Africa… plenty in Zimbabwe, but not in the country that I actually live in! LOL! Anyway, it shouldn’t really bug me because it allows me to do smaller shoots and have more time to myself… but my ego doesn’t like it one bit!

(I can actually hear my husband groaning at this post, because when this happens he knows I’m going to change a lot)

… yes… something has to change.

So, a few small things for now…

First, I’ve been seeing #100HappyDays floating around my Facebook and Instagram for a while, and I’ve decided to take part. Yes, another photo meme!! Can you adam and eve it?! I swore I wasn’t going to do another long one!! LOL! But this should be for a good cause… my headspace. Why you may ask? Well, I read the blurb on their website and it makes sense to me…

The idea is simple… take a photo each day depicting something that makes you happy… and share it. I’m taking all the images using my phone, and sharing them on Instagram… and this is my first image…

… so that’s the first change… for my mental health.

The second change is for my physical health. I need to exercise. I don’t have time for a full gym thing and to be honest I really don’t have the energy for the queues at gyms especially at the times I’d be able to go. The other option is running. I did the Delta Park Run last weekend again and loved it… I like being outside, I liked the walk/running bit. I also need some kind of training program because I’ve never been much of a runner. I could run with the dogs… but I need to be fitter to be fair… you know how insane my huskies are!

So, I’m toying with Run/Walk for Life. A new branch is opening in Randpark Ridge and it would be ideal for me. I chatted to them today, and it starts at 5pm… I think I can do that… it would be one hell of a rush from work but I think I could do it twice a week…. and then on a Saturday morning too.

It may actually work. I may be able to stop the flab and get a flatter tummy… I’m hoping to anyway. If it works it would also be the first time in years that I’ve done something healthy for myself.

If I do these things, I think I’ll be able to get my happy back again.