This year will be another expensive photography year, I can just see it. I’m not planning on buying more camera bodies unless something goes wrong, but it’s the other bits of expensive pieces of equipment that I can see needs replacing!

First, my Drobo looks like it’s full… or damn close to it anyway. My best option right now is to buy external hard drives to archive older images on the Drobo… damn those are not cheap when you consider how many I’m going to need.  I bought a Seagate Expansion 4TB drive over the weekend, only to realise when I got home, that it’s not compatible with Mac… unless I partition drives manually and I’m seriously not going to do that!

Ho hum, I need to sort this problem out ASAP.

My next purchase I think will be new lighting stands and umbrellas etc. I bought mine almost 5 years ago when I started out. I bought the cheapest ones I could find from Graham Robertson in Strydom Park, and although they’ve served me well, it’s time I got sturdy ones. It’s a bit of a gamble with the umbrella in the stand actually… the connection is so flimsy and the whole thing feels like it’s going to topple! LOL!

To top it off, when I went travelling around the country last year taking photos for the company, some idiot at Lanseria or Durban airport stole the transmitter attachments I used on the light stands to connect my flashes to the stands!

So this evening, I did a few test shots with Connor to check my equipment again because I’m doing a few corporate portraits at work tomorrow. Thankfully I found an old transmitter set in a cupboard and have managed to get my setup working… but it’s really not ideal or at all proper!

Then I think I’m going to have to replace my Macbook Pro 🙁 now that’s one expensive piece of equipment. Mine is more than 3 years old now and it’s getting slower and slower, and I’ve already upgraded it as much as I can. I’m going to have to put that expense on the backburner for as long as I can, I think!

I cannot possibly blog tonight without photos, so here are some of my test shots… with Connor eyeing out the flashes telling me when they weren’t working.

And then he insisted on having a turn. Not looking my best but anyhoo 😉 I really should have more photos taken of myself.

And if you’re wondering, I used the photo of Connor in action with my setup for tomorrow as my #100happydays photo on Instagram 🙂