This is not a review post… fancy that! There are a lot of review blog posts around the blogosphere, but I really don’t feel like doing one.

I suppose I’d better set a few goals though for this year, maybe setting a few will make a difference.

My only real plans for this year include:

  1. Take a holiday in April, and this time on the way to the coast we’ll stop in the Midlands. We were wishing we could go overseas this year, but I really don’t think that’s realistic
  2. Do something to the house… it’s probably not going to be everything we wanted to do, but we’ll definitely have the floors replaced and the house painted. I have made Lance put up new framed images already so it’s looking a little different.
  3. Learn new photo skills. I’m not going to be doing a 365 this year. But I’m considering a 52 project… maybe all black and whites.
  4. Spend more time with friends.
  5. Have more fun. 2013 was far too serious and I spent far too much time working.

So… onto some photos 😉

After a completely miserable Christmas Day, the weather gods blessed us with sunshiney weather for New Years Day… Murphy’s Law that it would be my last day of leave too! I’d kill to have more leave! Anyway, as has become quite a tradition, we spent the day with family at my parents house. We braaied. We melted in the heat. The kids (and some adults) swam. We ate ourselves silly again. It was a perfect summers day.

Erin enjoyed a quick massage 🙂 was too sweet!