When the huskies were puppies, I tried what my parents do with their dogs. I tried to bath them myself. Well, that didn’t end well… they would not stand still and ran away from the hosepipe, it took forever to get the soap off them, and they really weren’t much cleaner than when I started.

Before I carry on, understand that I don’t believe in washing the huskies all that often because the soaps get rid of their natural oils in their skin which helps them regulate their body temperatures… so if you calc what I’m saying below they get bathed/washed every 6 months or so. Or whenever their shedding just gets too much for me 🙂

Then I tried a grooming parlour. One that was recommended to us. It is down the road from our house. I took them there twice. The first time was ok, except we noticed the dogs were really subdued when they came home. They were not happy. The second time I took them there, the door was open behind the lady at the counter so while I was paying and waiting for my dogs, I noticed what the groomer was doing. He picked up a large dog by it’s front paws without any support for the rest of it’s body and hoisted it into the sink to get bathed.

My dogs were traumatised after that. They weren’t happy with me for a few days, and sulked endlessly. I swore never to take them there again.

So, then I went hunting for a mobile grooming company. That was not easy to find, let me tell you… turns out they don’t like the internet and either their SEO is crap or they just don’t have websites!! I ended up using Barkers Groomers.

The huskies were groomed yesterday again, it was the second time I used Barkers. The first time, they seemed to be happy afterwards, although a little hyper. This time, not only are they looking absolutely beautiful, but they have been so relaxed!! They both came bounding up to me yesterday and raced around showing me how pretty they looked 🙂

Isn’t Kimo looking gorgeous?! 🙂

And the best part is… I didn’t have to take them anywhere!!

PS. I was not asked to blog about it, I just know how difficult it is to find a groomer!