Bradley has a thing about books. I love that he has a thing about books. I would rather, for my budget, that he had a thing about reading on a Kindle though! LOL! He prefers paper books. Strange but true… he’s a true electronic and digital nut… as are most 10 year old boys… unless it involves books.

He got plenty of books for Christmas, and whenever I look for him, he’s trying to read his book without being bugged by Connor.

The one he’s reading at the moment is by Bear Grylls… it’s a fiction book about surviving in a jungle and includes tigers, volcanoes and orang-utans. Perfect reading for a 10 year old boy!

His favourite series of books at the moment though is anything by Rick Riordon… he’s read all the Percy Jackson books, and he’s almost finished the Olympus series too.

He’s devouring books at the moment!