Connor, my little baby, turned 7 today. After opening pressies, and going out for breakfast at our regular spot, and then shopping for party packs (I haven’t had time to get them before today)…. we had his party at the ten-pin bowling alley at Brightwater Commons.

We had the same kind of party for Bradley’s 7th birthday, and Connor insisted on doing the same thing… which we did, even though I swore the last time I wouldn’t do it again… it was very stressful.

This time, it was a LOT more organised than the last time… it was a more relaxing experience for me… although still chaotic!! The staff were amazing, and watched what was going on… even though the kids ran riot! The hotdogs arrived kinda on time, and no-one complained about no sweets etc (we weren’t allowed to bring in any food and had to buy everything through them). The drinks always arrived fast… so I really don’t have any complaints. The place has definitely got better since the last time we went there.

The kids seemed to have a ball. We had 2 lanes with kids and some parents playing (I miscalculated a little and thought there’d be more siblings).

My mom baked her famous chocolate cake… this time in the shape of a bowling lane!! It was awesome!

How cool is the cake?!

The best part… the only tidying up I had to do was the wrapping paper at home after he opened all the gifts!!