As you know if you’ve been reading my blog this year, I’ve started doing Run Walk for Life. I’m going to a new branch that’s opened in Randpark, and I’m still a baby at it… so I’m still on the “walk around the field” part of the program and not close to road running yet.

I’m loving it! So, I reckon I’ll be blogging about it more… so I’ve even started a new category for it!! It was the last type of category I would have ever imagined for this little blog of mine… but stranger things have happened. LOL!

If you’re wondering about how I’m doing… I started off not being able to decide whether I wanted to start running or walking, and my ego got the better of me, so I’m running… or rather run-walking… I’ve only managed to run around the 400m field a handful of times without walking part of the way. But I’ll get there. The program is also pretty slow, which suits me fine because I’m not likely to get injured and I’ve never been a runner in my life really. So on Tuesday, I’ll be hitting “Level 2” in the program and running for 20 minutes (after warm up exercises and a warm up lap).

So this weekend, I decided to get a new proper pair of shoes. My old running shoes were very tired, and were very worn after the dog walking I’ve been doing with them for the last few years. Everyone I know who runs, including Rene who runs the RWFL branch told me to go to a proper running shop and not the usual sports shops. So, on their guidance, I went to The Randburg Runner.

Must say, not sure how they survive without a proper website, but their market is properly word of mouth!LOL!

It’s a little shop in Linden on Milner Avenue… if you turn into Milner from Beyers Naude, it’s about 2 robots down the road on the left in a little shopping centre (If you plan on going there, take your old shoes with you… they use them to start the assessment).

So, this guy helped me, and had a little smile on his face after looking at the state of my sad shoes!! LOL! He looked at the wear on them, and asked me to put them on. Then he asked me to run down the road for him. Was a sight, I must tell you… I was wearing a skirt at the time. And this is not a quiet road either! But hey, no matter, I have a thick skin 😉

Then he told me that I need shoes for pronate feet… and after I tried on the new shoes that he suggested and ran in those down the road… he told me I actually ran a bit like a duck too! LOL! And he also told me that my left foot is more pronate than my right… in laymans terms my feet roll inwards while I run.

Anyway, I have awesome new Nike structure running shoes now with the proper support, and I’m ready to get around that field without stopping!!