Connor has been very excited this week. Because he’s “finally” in Grade 1, he gets to take part in the Valentines civvies day tomorrow. It’s also his birthday on Sunday, so he’s been talking about both all week.

This morning he cane bounding up to me in the kitchen while I was making their lunch boxes, and asked if he could have R10… and then it quickly changed to R20. One of his friends had bought some Valentines chocolates from one of the teachers to give to her mom, and he wanted to do the same.

And then he came upstairs a little later to chat about it some more, while he was putting on his shoes. He was a little perturbed that Lance hadn’t bought me a Valentine’s present yet. He didn’t quite like our explanation that we don’t do gifts for Valentines because we love each other every day and not only on one day of the year… he didn’t buy that at all!! LOL!

So he used his money (which he took out of his pocket money eventually) and bought us both chocolate lollipops shaped into roses. Awwww… how awesome is he?!!

Of course, he couldn’t wait, and he gave them to us as soon as he saw us this evening… and then ate half of mine 😉 but LOVE that we’re his valentines!!


It’s a little bittersweet because I know this phase will be over so soon.

My little cuddler 🙂

So now I want to know… do you celebrate Valentines? Do you buy into this mad spending spree at this time of the year?