I just love the quality of prints from Printwild! I only use them for printing framed prints, because I absolutely love the quality of the printing as well as the framing. I also love that, although they’re based in Ballito, that I can order from them online, and I get notified every step of the production cycle and then it just magically arrives at my house after about a week without any effort on my part.

I’ve got a few Printwild prints on my walls with the white frames, which are my absolute favourite… and they’ve been iPhoneography images that I’ve printed through them for the iPhoneography exhibitions.  I’ve also printed loads of canvases through them too… but hey this post is about my new prints with the boys images 🙂

I took these photos a few weeks ago in the forest in Bryanston. Bradley was so very grumpy that day, and although he’s not even looking at me in the photo, I chose this one to print… he looks big in it… it reminds me that he’s no longer a little boy… it shows his tweeny side… that moodiness that’s so prevalent right now.

I absolutely love it when clients order these framed prints from me, instead of the usual canvas… I just love how they turn out! Actually I lie, I just love it when I get clients printing photos, and not just keeping them on memory sticks!

I’ve got the perfect spot for these ones too, they’re going on the wall at my desk.

Disclaimer: Printwild offered me a voucher for part of the printing value.