I attended the Girl Geek dinner last night. It was held at Col’Cacchios in Benmore Gardens, and was an awesome evening!  I sat at the most awesome table… and had such an amazing evening chatting to friends, eating amazing food, and listening to Melissa Attree speak.

Don’t look alarmed when going through the photos below… being on your phone and tweeting your way through dinner is quite acceptable at these events… and often (not last night though because our table was awesome) the Twitter streams are where the real action happens! LOL!

There were 120 women at the event last night. And the #GGDJHB organisers did an amazing job lining up sponsors for the evening. Cell C was the main sponsor. Estee Lauder was there too, and had a make-up bar upstairs where you could have your make-up done… and they gave away a few things during the evening. Each person got a swag bag to take home… and there were quite a few lucky draws during the evening too!

Oh and the food! Wow! I just luuurve Col’Cacchios food anyway, so I was in my element. From the garlic pizza breads that arrived with antipastos to start… to the huge pizza I tried to eat as a main… and then 3 different types of yummy desserts that arrived… we were so well taken care of.

Oooh and the wine… that definitely deserves a mention. I stuck to the red wine (Guardian Peak Merlot 2012), and for a change, the bottles of wine on offer were fantastic! I loved the wine… a little too much actually, I may have had one glass too many which is why this blog post is going up tonight and not earlier 😉 LOL!

I finally met @lexiparker and got to chat to @Iwantadodo and knew who she was (last time I met her I didn’t realise what her Twitter handle was)

A wide angle lens would’ve worked better 😉 but this was a little part of the crowd listening to @melattree

I did enjoy Melissa Attree’s speech.  I probably wouldn’t have a few months ago, but after what’s happened recently (I haven’t blogged about it and won’t be), I get what she was saying. She spoke about empowering women really… it made me realise that I need to make more of a real connection with the women that have my back. I know I have support, I’ve needed it recently, and it’s been amazing to get the support I thought I didn’t have around me.

Love that I captured the selfies in progress 😉 LOL! I did have fun!

This evening was by far the best Girl Geek dinner that I’ve attended.