I spent a few hours this morning at a #GoogleMoms event at the Full Stop Cafe in Parktown North.

The event was all about showing moms how to get the most out of Google products, and how to use the various Google products and apps to help you during your day. Tanya Kovarsky from Rattle and Mum was the MC for the event, and had the speakers all a little gobsmacked after introducing them using what she’s learnt by Googling them! I thought that was uber clever of her.

I learnt quite a bit today… about Google Search tricks, as well as awesome YouTube channels that look interesting and need to be checked out a little more. They also spoke a lot about Google Now… I’ve used that on my iPad and I must say I didn’t really get much value of it then, but I saw today how they connected Google Now to Maps and your Calendar, and then Now tells your what’s happening and directs you… oh and if it knows you’ve got flight tickets it’ll tell you when to leave home because it knows about the traffic on the way! I’m now thinking I’ll give that app another chance.

So, I thought I’d tell you about some of the cool Search and YouTube things that they spoke about… and then get to the meaty bit… the bit that I found very interesting and totally useful!

In Google Search… try the following:

1. Enter a flight number... and Google will tell you whether it’s on time, and what time it’s boarding or landing! There’s no need for tricky airline websites!

2. When I look for the weather online, I normally Google “Weather Johannesburg”… but instead Google “Weather in Johannesburg“… the screen gives you the weather forecast for the next week! Without having to go to a weather website.


3. Did you know you could also Google a food item, and it would tell you the nutritional value without taking you to a website first? I did not know that! Try it for yourself… Google “Margarine”… and see how the right side of the page changes to include all the info.

And now for YouTube… I’m not going to go through everything they said, but I did find it fascinating that one of the fastest growing genre’s on YouTube was cooking and baking for women… and bacon for men! Here are some channels they mentioned that look quite cool and I may just subscribe to them:

1. Weelicious – a  cooking channel incl baby food!

2. Jamie Oliver – I don’t think I need to explain 😉

3. All things hair UK – you have to check this one out… it has playlists according to hair type… and on the about tab even has a filter bar to help narrow your search down.

So that was the fun stuff, and then it was onto the serious business… talking about how to keep your kids safe online… I think I’ll have to actually blog about that seperately so that the message doesn’t get lost.