It’s a bit of a mixed bag of a blog post tonight… but both topics are about Bradley so it kinda makes sense 😉

Tonight was his school social. It was the first year that he’s been able to stay for the full social… which ended at 9pm (the younger kids have to leave at 7:30pm). So we needed a new outfit… mostly because he’s grown out of his jeans and nice jackets and shoes.

**Sidetrack… he’s now wearing a size 7 mens shoe and the t-shirt and jacket are small mens sizes from Mr Price! My kids are not small!***

Anyway, so as all moms do, he needed photos before we set off 😉 He seems to have had a ball too… he managed to find the girl that he asked to meet at the dance… and they seemed to stick together in a bigger group the whole evening. Too sweet 🙂

Bradley is going to be spending the rest of his weekend preparing for 2 speeches next week. He’s got a Social Sciences speech due on Monday and an Afrikaans speech due on Tuesday. For the SS speech, he was researching 3 Southern African natural landmarks to talk about. After discussing the options together, and I’d mentioned that I’d been to a few of them, he looked at me sadly and said “we never go anywhere! We haven’t even seen South Africa!”

Holy moly!! My answer was… whenever I suggest we go on holiday somewhere that doesn’t involve a warm ocean (ie Natal), both of them complain bitterly. The fact that we’ve been to Cape Town and a few nature reserves seem to have also escaped his memory!

I wish the kids were a little more adventurous! I would love to travel around the country more!

And actually, now that they’re bigger, and are more likely to be happy with a road trip, maybe this is the year we should start making trips like that… after our annual seaside vacation though 😉