I’ll procrastinate a little… and blog instead of edit… and tell you a story about the word procrastinate…

By the end of a long and busy day, the kids are always fighting and arguing about something. Tonight’s argument made me giggle though.

Bradley must’ve read the word “procratinate” somewhere… and he must’ve decided it was his “word of the day” today.

I have no idea what they were doing after supper, but Connor came running to me crying… “Mooooommmyyyy, Bradley is being ugly again. He told me I was a procrastinator!!”

OMW you may have thought the world was coming apart, if you had listened to him crying and moaning about the word.He was so upset.

Then when I explained what it meant, he didn’t really believe me either, which made it worse. Not even an example… like me procrastinating and playing Candy Crush instead of turning on my laptop helped the situation.

So there you go… not only is procrastinating not very good for you and your schedule… but it’s an “ugly” word too. You may as well be swearing!