I haven’t blogged about my Run Walk for Life journey since I started really, and it’s probably about time 😉 I’ve been inspired by a few other bloggers who are journaling their fitness journeys and I’m going to do the same thing. This running thing is a big thing for me, I haven’t really done much exercise since the kids were born! LOL!

I’ve been doing Run Walk for Life (RWFL) for almost 2 months now. The way the programme works, you have to run or walk around the field until you are doing that for 50 minutes… which is Level 5. I started running for 10 minutes. Every third session you extend your time by 2.5 minutes. And you have warm up laps and cool down laps in addition to the laps that count. Then after you get past Level 5, you get to run or walk on the road. That’s very basically it, in a nutshell.  Oh and you go 3 times a week.

Well, I’m now on 32.5 minutes and I’m on level 3. On Thursday evening I did 11 laps of the field in the 32.5 minutes… which is 4.4km basically. It was at an average pace of 7.35 min per km. It is a flat field though, but hey, I think that’s fabulous! I’m running now more than I’m walking… and that’s HUGE for me. I’ve never really been able to run.

Not only that, but in the last 2 months I’ve lost 1.5kg, and 5cm off my hips! I haven’t lost cm anywhere else yet. How cool is that?!

I joined a new RWFL club, in Randpark Ridge, and we run at the Randpark Primary School. Well, I’m the only runner on the field, and there’s one runner on the road… everyone else is walking.

One inspiring thing about the club… we have 4 new members who are impressive walkers. They walk on the road… definitely not beginners like me. Those ladies WALK 21km races in 3 hours! Holy moly I think that’s impressive!

I thought that the programme was uber complex when I started, and it seemed a little tedious to run around in circles for so long… and I thought I’d get bored of it. But there’s something to be said about collecting elastic bands every time you go around the field… and it’s an ego thing too. I want to get to the next level. I want to run further. I don’t want to fall behind the other members who joined at the same time… so I’m determined to go for every session.

Those elastic bands are magic. I think all schools should use them too, to encourage kids to run. My kids love coming running on a Saturday morning at 7am now… they want to see how many elastic bands they can collect. It gives them a small-ish goal running around once for a band, instead of the daunting thought of so many kilometres.

I do need to find myself another running goal now. I want to do a 10km race… never thought I’d actually seriously say that… I just need to find one to aim for.