Last night, I took part in the 2014 JP Morgan Corporate Challenge that takes place every year in Johannesburg. I was one of the 13,000 people that hit the roads around Wanderers in the dark… trying to miss the potholes and the lumps and bumps in the very dark streets!

I may have been a little slower than the time I was hoping for, but I’m pleased with my result!  Not to bad… I was placed 1215 for females, and 4274 overall.


There were so many people running, and in some places it was chaotic, especially on the hills. In fact the first hill was very steep and I walked it… and then got boxed in a little by all the other walkers.

I also found it exceptionally dark… not all the streets have working street lamps so it was a little problematic towards the end and I did slow down because I was scared I was going to trip… like a few people around me did.

My timing was spot on too. I started feeling drops of rain during the last km, and just as I finished the rain started properly. By the time I got the company marquee I was properly soaked!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

So that was my first running goal achieved… now I need to find a new one to aim for! Apart from running the race faster next year! LOL!