We normally have a braai at my parents house on Easter Sunday… this year was different though. It was decided that we should have a picnic.

The park chosen was Delta Park. I spend a lot of time there doing photoshoots, and I knew that the general picnicking area close to the play area would be jam packed… and there’s actually not many trees around that area. Thankfully the kids are not littlies anymore, so a jungle gym keeps them occupied for 5 minutes if we’re lucky.

So, we decided on a spot relatively close to the car park, and far away from the crowds… and spotted the most perfect picnic spot in the shade of 2 amazing trees.

Well, the trees we chose were a godsend… the kids spent most of the afternoon climbing and clambering in them. And the rest of the time they played cricket and with the frisbee… it was a perfect perfect way to spend a Sunday! And the kids didn’t moan once about not being close to the playarea!!