I’m still running in circles.

Remember my post about Run Walk for Life last month? The post where I spoke about running around the field? Well, I’m still running around the field. I’m almost at the end though! I’m now running for 45 minutes… and when I get to 50 minutes of field running, then I get to run on the road.

I must say that I’m ready to leave the field now!

I do understand it though, and during the time I’ve been running in circles, I’ve been learning to pace myself properly… and all the times I’ve had to test my heartrate has taught me to understand when I need to slow down and take it easy. I also know when I’m not doing enough and when I could really go faster and further.

My photo tonight… well… that’s this evening’s run. I’ve been tracking my runs on my phone. It’s strapped to my arm when I run. I’ve been using the RunKeeper app to track my sessions… and I love the app… I also like that I’m connecting to my Facebook friends that run using the app too!

You can clearly see the circles I’ve been running πŸ˜‰ LOL!

You can also see that I’m now running more than 6km!  It wasn’t the fastest evening run I’ve done, my fastest pace so far is 7:02… I was quite happy with my run tonight.

If you’d told me 3 months ago that I would be running 6km 3 times a week, I would’ve laughed at you. In fact, a year ago I wouldn’t have even dreamed of running for 2km!!!

I also took a photo of the orange cone tonight for a reason.

RWFL was pretty quiet tonight, and my 2 partners in crime, who are at the same level as me weren’t there tonight. I ran on my own around that field for quite some time after all the others finished.

It was just me and the cones on a field that was getting darker and darker.

While I was running around I had plenty of time to think too. My blog used to be one of the only ways I’d express my feelings. It was cathartic… well, it actually still is. But I’m finding that running is clearing my head. After a heavy work day and endless traffic, I’m really enjoying running and not being able to think about everything that had been bothering me.

This running lark is proving not only to be good for my health, and for my weight (although I’ve only lost 1kg, I’ve lost 14cm and I’m getting people at work commenting about how my body has changed), it’s also good for my mind.

My next thing though, is to get a proper running watch. I really don’t want to run on the road with my phone strapped to my arm, not sure I feel like I can run fast enough for that potential danger πŸ˜‰