I got the most awesome pyjama pants last week… yes, I know, strange blog post!! LOL! But I love them so much that I have to spread the word 😉

I got a pair of Goodbye Malaria pants… they’re bright orange, which wouldn’t have been my first choice. If you know me well, you’d know that orange is one of my least favourite colours. But anyhoo, I like these pants…
And I must say these are the most comfy pair of peejays I now own!

When I first heard about the pants, I did wonder how they managed to ward off malaria, and whether they were sprayed with something or something. However, it’s really a lot simpler than that.

50% of the proceeds from the sale of these cotton pants made from shweshwe material goes a fund which helps fight malaria in Africa. They’re using local entrepreneurs to manufacture the pants… and they are delivered in an awesome cotton bag too.

I love this idea, and the pants are so awesome (and they also sell teddies if you don’t wear peejays)… and I think they make the most amazing gifts and by buying them you’ll be helping to save a few lives.

I was astounded at the malaria stats that I found on the Goodbye Malaria website:

So, if you’re needing a gift that’s not a run of the mill item, buy a pair of these… I think they’d be fabulous gifts for overseas relatives and friends too! There are various colour options available.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to blog about this, I just like them