Our last day in Ballito was cloudy and not beach worthy… and the kids had been dying to either go to Ushaka or Crocodile Creek.

After working out what the day would cost at Ushaka, we decided on the crocodile route instead. We’ve been there before, in fact, I’ve blogged about it before too… we were there in August 2011… long enough in the past for Connor not to remember it really. So, it was ideal, considering we went to Ushaka last year!

This time, we didn’t have the 4×4, so we travelled pretty slowly on the terrible pothole-ridden roads to the crocodile farm, which is about 12km outside Ballito.

We timed our trip perfectly, and got there just as a tour was about to start. It’s always very interesting listing to the guides, and the kids absolutely loved it!! They take out a 4 year old crocodile to use in the talk.

Explaining about the crocs eyes and how you can see the bumps from the eyes in it’s mouth…

Everyone gets to touch the croc, on the back and the belly and feel the differences.

This was amazing, he put the croc down on it’s tummy, and gave it a light tickle. It fell fast asleep!! It was out like a light for ages!!

And then they put an elastic band around his mouth, and everyone was able to pick the croc up for a few photos 🙂 Bradley was in his element… Connor refused this time to even touch it.


See that enormous croc in the last shot? His name is Hannibal, and he’s 70 years old… quite an enormous animal!

The highlight of our entire holiday ended up being the crocodile teeth on chains that we bought for the kids 🙂 LOL!