Afternoons in Ballito are all about the rocks. We spend hours on the rocks fishing in the pools with nets. Don’t knock it… there’s a knack to catching those little fish and we have it down pat 😉

It’s also about ball games, and sand castles and long walks.

When the kids were tiny, we were able to take afternoon naps… but no longer, so I tend to sit on the rocks and watch the waves break and day dream… it’s almost as good as a nap 🙂


We had some excitement on the rocks. We met a child that caught plenty of fish and kept them in a bucket… he didn’t put them back in the ocean and according to his brother, he lets them die!! Well, Bradley was having none of that, and tried to convince this child to let the fish go. GO Bradley!! I was very proud of him.

In the end we managed to get some of the fish from him and set them free.

Then on the same afternoon, we spotted a big fish hiding in a pool. We steered the other kids away from it, so that it wouldn’t get caught. It was beautiful… deep red brown with white spots on it. We moved a rock out of it’s way so that it had more movement, and hoped that it would be able to get out in the next high tide. No such luck though, when we went to the rocks the next day, it was still hiding there. It was an awesome hiding spot because no-one seemed to have found it.

And so operation “Save the Fish” was on. Bradley chased it out of his hiding spot with his net, while I managed to catch it with the other net (only just because it was very big and heavy). Then I sped off across the rocks unto the breaking waves to place it in a deeper pool with an outlet… and it managed to swim out to sea! Go us!!