Bradley had his party to celebrate his 11th birthday this afternoon at Field 19 Paintball in Fourways.

We went to a paintball party at that venue last month, and we were all so impressed by the place, and the kids had so much fun… that we decided that this would be the place for Bradley’s 11th birthday party. He’s been dying to have a paintball party, and thankfully Connor is now big enough so he could!

Field 19 is amazing! It’s absolutely huge, and every course is so varied. It really doesn’t feel like you’re so close to Fourways when you enter the place.ร‚ย Field 19 provides all the kit for the adults and kids (if you need it, there were some really serious teams there today with amazing kit). The rental of the masks, body armour, neck protectors and the overalls… not to mention all the guns were all included in the price, so it was ideal to organise a party there.

If you follow me on FB you would have seen that we weren’t getting many responses to his invitations. It’s always a problem with his birthday, because it happens just as schools start, so we need to send out the invites before the holidays… and everyone forgets! But in the end, the small party was actually a blessing! There were 7 kids and 2 adults that played, and it was the perfect party size for us!

Anyhoo, the kids had an absolute ball running around and shooting each other. It’s not a party for sissies though, because I reckon everyone went home with at least one bruise! But it was such fun, and no-one moaned too much… and they kept going back for more!

I liked that the games on each course were about 10 minutes long. It meant that they all got a lot of breaks… and got to sit down a bit between each stint in a course. The kids played 6 games today!

Bear in mind, when looking at the photos that I was taking them through the black netting that surrounded the courses.

It was a fantastic afternoon, and Connor is adamant he wants a party there too ร‚ย now!

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