Earlier this week I said that my first 10km would be the Northgate 10km race… remember?

Well, the next day, a colleague convinced me that I could should do the RAC 10km race!! Lance thought I was nuts, especially considering the batmitzvah I was planning on photographing the night before! Rene, my manager at Run Walk for Life, said I’d be ok but I need to pace myself.


You know me, I don’t like turning down a challenge 😉 and considering I’d run over 7km 2 weeks ago, I reckoned I’d be able to do it… slowly. My aim was to finish it in under 1h30. I know, my average pace is normally faster than that, but so many people told me how tough this route was! According to everyone the hills were crazy.

Well, this morning after just a few hours sleep with a terrible knot in my stomach, I was as ready as I was going to get! I was hellish nervous about the whole thing!

Karen picked me up at home (thankfully, or else I probably would’ve bailed), and we drove to Randburg.


We got our numbers, and sat in the car for half an hour to warm up, before heading to the start. And then we were off!

I LOVED it! I paced myself, and didn’t force any of the hills. I didn’t find the hills any worse than the ones we train on in Randpark Ridge. The downhills were fabulous ;). Next time I’ll actually take out my phone and take a few photos of the route… I was in awe at the number of runners ahead of me, and behind me. When I got to the 7km marker, my only thoughts were… it’s only 3km left, I can actually do this!

I didn’t once feel like stopping or giving up! Go me! The 3 times a week running thing is clearly paying off! I just kept trucking… using a few trees to a few more trees method to get up the hills (the lampposts were invisible).

And my finishing time? In 1h09!! How absolutely AWESOME is that?! I’m so thrilled with myself!

Oh and I got a buff at the end of the race!! Just in time for winter training!

And now, I’m properly hooked. The Soweto race in a few weeks time is the next one I’ve got planned… but instead of doing the 5km I’d originally planned, I’m now going to do the 10km.

I was shattered afterwards… and I’ve spent the day vegging on the couch with the kids, reading a book, and sleeping 🙂

Ooh and, my mom reminded me, that this was on my bucket list. You may find that strange, but I’ve never really been very athletic, so this is HUGE for me… just HUGE!