It’s time for another running update. I got asked by some of the members at RWFL where my blog posts have disappeared! LOL! Seems I have a bit of pressure to write again ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s almost been a month since my last update. Since then, I’ve finally finished the field levels, which means I was running 50 minutes around the field at the end. It also means that I was running over 7km around a flat sports field. And I must say, that although my last blog post about it was upbeat and positive, by the time I got to the end of the field running I was completely fed up!!

I would zone out for part of the run, just to get through all the laps, but OMW it was mind numbing in the end!! OK, it did teach me about pacing, and watching my heart rate, but 50 minutes is a longย longย time to be running in circles! Oh and I must add, that because our session starts at 5pm, after 50 minutes it’s pitch black on that field!

I’ve not only done my RWFL running this month though, because as you know, I went on holiday. So, I was exceptionally good, because I knew that if I didn’t run that I’d have to run around the field more!! So every second day on holiday I went running on the promenade in Ballito. I was running over 7km in the mornings with the gorgeous sunrise over the sea as company. I LOVED it! What I didn’t love, was hurting my knee on the uneven bouncy wooden planks on the promenade which forced me to rest for about a week!

All’s good and well though now, because I’m running on the roads now, and my knee is perfect again!

The way that RWFL works, is that when you get to the road, you need to start at 4km again. So I’ve now done 3 sessions of 4kms, and I have 3 more to go before I can move to 5km… and so on.

At first I thought that may be frustrating, but I’m actually enjoying it. I’m learning to run up hills… running around a field is not the same as running up Randpark Drive!! Because I’m doing shorter distances now, I’m trying to push my speed. I’ve been able to keep my pace at just under 7 min/km for the last 3 runs… and I’m thrilled with that!!

Hills are my nemesis. They destroy me.

I am however, using a strategy that I learnt on Bronwynne’s blog a few months ago. I’m employing the lamp post strategy. I find it really tough to aim for the top of the hill, I find it easier to aim for a shorter distance… and Bronwynne’s lamppost idea is awesome! So I try run past 3 lampposts, and at the third one, I start walking the distance to the next lamppost… and then I start running again for the next 3 lampposts etc. It works!! I’m finding that I’m pushing myself to get to the lampposts, but it’s seriously not as daunting as aiming for the top of the hill!

So hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll be pushing that to 5 lampposts before I walk… and then the complete hill! I can only dream right ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m also thrilled that the 4km routes I’m doing right now, mean that I finish just before it gets too dark. Although I have bought myself a headlamp for the coming weeks.


If you’re wondering about the photo… that running vest is standard issue for me now. It’s damn ugly, and not exactly the most comfortable thing to wear over my running kit, but you get used to it and hey, at least I stand out and hopefully won’t get run over!

Remember last time I wrote about wanting to run a few races now? Well, I’ve done 1 Park Run in the last month, and I’m going to be doing a 5km Run Walk for Life race in Soweto in June, and then also the 10km race at Northgate in June!! Go me!

I was going to blog about things I’ve learnt about shopping for running kit in the last month too… but this is now FAR too long… I’ll blog about that another day.

Still cannot believe I’m actually blogging about running!! I would never in a million years guessed that I would be enjoying it as much as I am!!

I’ve even set myself a big goal… I want to run the Two Oceans Half marathon next year. #Gulp