I can’t not show you photos of the kids on the beach! The sole purpose for visiting Ballito is the sun and the sand and the sea.

Luckily the weather was mostly good, and we spent most mornings on the beach. The kids mastered their body boards… which was the reason for the massive luggage box we had to buy for the car! It’s awesome that they’re old enough to really enjoy themselves in the waves. Connor needed some help getting past the rocks to the nice waves though, but he was mostly self sufficient in the sea 🙂

I didn’t actually take very many photos either! I only took my camera to the beach on one day… I decided I needed a break and forced myself to leave it behind in the apartment 🙂

In fact, the photos are a little misleading. I took them just after 9am… about 30 minutes later the beach was teaming with people. By lunchtime it was positively unpleasant because of the crowds. People have no sense of personal space either, and were quite happy to park themselves within inches of your towel… drives me bananas! No matter how much space you “claim” when you get there, it gets encroached by idiots who have no idea!

Anyway, other than that, the beach was perfect… sun was hot… ice cream sellers making a fortune from us every day… kids playing ball… swimming… wading… running in the surf… suntanning… sleeping.