I’ve been out of school for a long time.

I had kind of forgotten how long it was, until I got invited on Facebook to a reunion event… then calculated the years… and opened a bottle of wine. It’s been 25 years! How absolutely crazy is that?!

My word that’s a long time!

Anyway, I’ve known about a few of the other reunions, and didn’t go to them. Today, was another matter entirely. You see, the reunion took place at the Fourways Farmers Market. I was taking photos at a baptism lunch at Longmeadow… which is right next door. Plus, I’ve been wanting to go the market for ages and haven’t got there. So I really didn’t have an excuse.

I must say though, that I was about to give up hunting for them, when I spotted one face that I recognised. One! And then after being there for a few minutes I recognised another face. That was it!! I recognised 2 people! I didn’t even recognise most of the other names, let alone their faces! LOL!

And apart from Judy and Guillaume, no-one had a clue who I was either! It was too funny… and strange. No-one recognised my name or my face! LOL! I didn’t think I’d changed that much… other than chopping my hair off.

As you can imagine, a lot of the conversation was about school days. And teachers, and what teachers did. I couldn’t remember any of the things they spoke about.

Here’s the thing though… I truely cannot remember much about school. Judy reckoned I was in a nerdy class. I probably was. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t relate to what they were talking about. I do know for a fact, that I got up to no good… but it wasn’t around school friends… because I worked on weekends, and my boyfriends were all in other schools (I didn’t believe in having a boyfriend in the school, it was too close to home)… I had other circles of friends. And I’m OK with that.

I was really quiet at school. And I know that. That’s probably why no-one remembers me.

My only regret has been not keeping in touch with my “close” school friends. I speak to Lorraine… but Debbie and Lorna have never even acknowledged my friend requests on FB. The 4 of us were inseperable at school… yet I don’t think we ever got together after school ended… ever.

So weird.

Anyway, I didn’t stay long. Wish I could’ve stayed to work out more about what everyone has gotten up to, and where they fitted in. But after being out at photoshoots etc for most of the weekend, I just wanted to see my family… and eat!! Holy moly the queues at the market were long… and I was starving! I’m going to have to make a plan and get back to the market soon.

As for school stuff, it doesn’t actually bother me that I can’t remember. School schmool. I really didn’t like school much. Varsity however, was a different matter entirely… I became a person there.