Well, it’s been a few weeks, so I thought I’d update you on my running progress. And share a few stats, because I love numbers… and I love that my little Runkeeper app keeps them and motivates me!

During May, I…

  • ran 14 times
  • spent 8:01:11 hours on the road
  • ran at an average pace of 6:59 min/km
  • ran a total of 68,7km!
  • ran my first 10km race and blogged about it!
  • ran my fastest 5km last week at a pace of 6:47 min/km!
  • graduated from field running to road running at Run Walk for Life
  • ran at least 3 times a week
  • skipped only one RWFL session because I needed to rest before the race.

How awesome am I? 🙂 I’m very pleased with myself.

Today at RWFL, I was also named as one of the 3 road leaders at the branch! This means I no longer wear a yellow vest on the road… I’ve graduated to a bright orange! LOL! Not sure which is worse. Wish I could get a colour that doesn’t make my look orange… yellow and orange are my absolute worst colours ever! But that’s the girl in me talking… at least I’m visible on the road, and I won’t get run over 😉

If you’re wondering a road leader helps other people on the road with directions etc, and makes sure that everyone is back safely… basically. And nicely make sure that people are running and walking on the right side of the road etc so they don’t get run over.

The other thing that makes me visible, and that I’m finding quite indispensable during my evening runs, is the little head lamp that’s on the grass between the vest and my arm holder for my phone. I’m really struggling to wear it on my head though. The walkers at RWFL wear them around their necks, but that doesn’t work when you run… clearly because of the bouncing. So I wear it on my other arm pointed towards the ground. It seems to work for me like that. If you’re wondering… I got it from Cape Union Mart, they have a huge range of headlamps.

One day, I’ll hopefully get rid of the phone strap… I’m dying to get a running watch! I’m finding that the running apps chow my battery, and I have to make sure it’s charged properly before I run. It’s really not ideal to run longer distances with a phone… not just for safety reasons.

If you’re wondering about my next race. It was going to be this weekend, but the kids have a fun walk at school… so I’m going to do the Northgate race at the end of the month. Not that I’m complaining too much… the weather forecast for Saturday morning looks abysmal!! I will be running though, I’m up to 6km on the road from Saturday! And I’ll be dressed warmly for it… I have a buff for my head, and long-sleeved running shirt with reflective strips (which are most incredible to wear actually if you get the right type), and long running pants… I think I’m set for running in the freeze!

I have been asked about where I get clothes from that are reflective and appropriate for running… think I’ll blog about that in a few days actually.