I don’t often get to spend time with Connor on his own. Today, however, was different. Bradley had an unplanned play-date with a friend of his, and Lance was at work… so it ended up being just him and I.

He was a little upset that he wasn’t at the play-date too, so we had to make this day just a little special.

So Connor and I went on a “date”.

He chose the restaurant. He chose Wimpy. He wanted a cheese burger. I put my phone away, and we just chatted. And we played those awesome boardgames that are at the back of the Wimpy kids menus at the moment… and he beat me 4 times! Then he wanted to go to Toyzone to spend his pocket money. He bought another Nerf Zombie gun.

Then it was time for target practise at home, with his new gun… until Bradley got home.

He was happy. He was relaxed… and in the end Bradley said that he was jealous that he wasn’t at home too 😉

PS. You’ll be seeing more photos of the boys now… I’ve decided that they need more photos again. I’ve been neglecting my own photos.