I spotted this meme on Pamela’s blog and needed a little inspiration for my quiet blog (and BTW, if you’re still looking for a gift idea for me, I really want one of the Medal Hangers that she sells!)

Currently I am….

Reading:  Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion… I’m a sucker for the Amazon emails I get with suggested books to read, and this sent to me last week. Can’t tell you much about the book though, ‘cos I haven’t had time to get past the first page!


Listening to:  I would have to say the radio. I haven’t listened to my music lately, cos I’m a little bored with my collection. I do need to sort that out though, because 5FM is dire at the moment. It’s just so damn boring! The only ray of sun and bit of spark is DJ Fresh, but he’s on so early, that it’s a bit of a waste.

Laughing at:  colleagues talking about kids and potty training. So glad I’m past that!!

Swooning over:  my cousin’s trip to Jamaica that she’s sharing on Facebook at the moment. My word, it looks like such an amazing place! I’m dying to take the kids on an overseas trip of some sort. And Jamaica is now officially on my bucket list!


Planning: I’m starting to plan the trip we need to make to Cape Town next year, so that I can run the Two Oceans 21km… yes, I know it’s a long time away, but I’m already stressing about the cost of Cape Town over Easter!

Eating lots of:  vegetables… I’m trying very hard to cook most nights, and make sure that we have veggies virtually every day

Feeling:  nervous about the 10km race next week. Bleh about my birthday and I know I should do something… but I cannot take leave this year on my birthday so I’m irritated. Frustrated with myself because I’m not taking enough personal photos.

Discovering: That I love running. I know, I’ve blogged about this a lot lately, but it’s the first time I’ve really enjoyed exercise and it’s not an effort to go. I’m loving being on the road, and running y myself and having me-time. And LOVING my changing body!

Looking at:  tiles and paint colours and new white wooden blinds… we desperately need to replace the tiling in our living spaces at home, and we can’t afford the wooden floors we want.

Wearing:  boots, jerseys and snoods… it’s cold today.

Cooking:  I feel like going on a cooking strike… I don’t mind the cooking, but thinking up meals every day is driving me nuts! Our favourite meals at home at the moment are crumbed steak, homemade burgers, and pot roast beef.

 Wondering: when I’ll be able to wear a smaller size of clothing… I’ve lost 3kg… and my jeans are getting rather loose. I can’t feel the change in my other clothes yet

Trying out:  a new range of face stuff… Eucerin… I’ve had to stop using Dermalogica because of the price, and the Woolies range made my face break out so badly.