I celebrated my double 21st today… and my day seemed to be all about food, and I’m not complaining!

It started with tea in bed… that’s a HUGE treat for me. The boys came and woke me up with my pressie… the running watch I wanted. Yay me! I’ve got a new toy 🙂

Then at lunchtime I had paella from the most awesome food truck! Tutto’s food was incredible… LOVED the mushroom paella and the seafood paella (with prawns and calamari and mussels), and ate some of the chicken and chourizo paella too… but I felt the last one was too rich for me.



You have to try them out when you see them around… or get them to cater for a party… most awesome!

Then I had tea with my parents and chatted for a while. Running was cancelled so I had time to relax.

Then this evening, Madelein and Pierre came over for champagne, and we ended up having pizza for supper… loved it! The kids loved seeing their friends midweek, although I know it’s going to be a massive fight to get them out of bed for school tomorrow 🙂

I didn’t cook. I got gifts. I ate gorgeous food. I drank awesome wine and champagne. I chatted with friends.

It’s been a good birthday 😉