I haven’t blogged about the dogs in a while. And they needed to have more photos taken 😉

Kimo is my runner. Literally. We take the dogs walking or running every weekend, and today I went with Bradley. If Lance doesn’t come with me, then I take Kimo, because he’s way too strong for Bradley to handle. Kitara is a lightweight on lead. Kimo tugs and pulls and strains the entire walk or run… and we take them between 2km and 4km every walk.

Today, Kimo got away from me. I thought we should take them on a different route, and we went too close to the stream in the veld, and he decided he needed to go for a swim… and leapt down an embankment… I had to let go or else I would’ve been swimming too. It took us a while to get him back!

The best thing  about taking Kimo on these walks, is going up hill with him. He pulls you up the hills. It’s so awesome 🙂 As I’ve got fitter, I think he’s loving it more and more, because I’m running faster and I’m more confident on my feet so I let him pull me harder too. Today I ran up all the hills with him to get rid of some of his energy, while Bradley and Kitara followed at a more leisurely pace.

I’d love to take him on longer runs, he’d LOVE it… not sure I’d love the downhills with him yet, I’m sure I’ll land flat on my face! It just won’t be fair to leave Kitara at home.

Kitara, on the other hand, is a gentle soul on walks until she sees a bigger dog… then she’s insane and wants to attack them through the gates. She mock charges them to get them all riled up, and then looks at Kimo wanting him to come and rescue her.

She’s also really struggling with her one back leg again… so we weren’t able to run this weekend at all… we had to walk. We’ve had her leg looked at before, but the vet can’t find anything wrong with it. There definitely is something wrong though, she’s in a lot of pain tonight, after our 3km walk. But, by morning she’ll be back to normal again.