I’m in a completely foul mood tonight.

I had sushi for lunch today.

I love having sushi at work. We have this awesome sushi counter where the sushi gets freshly made… and when you order a salmon handroll like I do, she makes it just for you! Today I had a salmon handroll and a few pieces of fashion sandwich.

It’s not exactly cheap… it is probably the most expensive thing I could order for lunch.

But it’s my birthday tomorrow… and I deserve it.

However, I have realised something when I have sushi for lunch.

I get exceptionally moody in the afternoon. I didn’t have a particularly grotty afternoon, apart from the traffic nightmare that caused a 2 hour commute to get home!! But OMW I’ve been unbelievably moody and depressed this afternoon, and it got worse as the evening started.

It’s happening every time I eat it now. I make sure I don’t eat it before I run, because I need all the energy I can get. I reckon it just doesn’t give me sustainable energy. I end up snacking a lot on days I eat sushi.

Such a sad state of affairs actually. I’m going to have to stop eating it completely. I become completely irrational after I eat it.

Sushi is the only meal that does this to me… weird. It’s probably because the rice is high GI… but you’d think that the fresh salmon would counteract all the bad stuff in the rice.