It was Fiona’s birthday celebration today, and we joined her and Donovan and friends in Maboneng for a long boozy lunch and drinks. What a fabulous afternoon!

We had lunch at Mama Mexicana on Fox Street in the Arts on Main building. It’s not a very big restaurant, but then most places in Maboneng are quite small. It’s run by a Taiwanese dude, who is so passionate about his food. And we had a ball! There were 15 of us at a long table which took up half the restaurant. We had a set menu, because of the number of us… and that worked out brilliantly because we all got to try all sorts of different types of food… and of course beer, margaritas and tequila!

The meal started with chilli poppers, which are deep fried jalapeno rolls filled with mixed cheese and served with salsa and sour cream. And then the plates just kept coming… nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and finally enchiladas! Wow, it was all so very good… although my favourites were the chicken quesadillas and the enchiladas.

The food is fabulous, the drinks amazing… and it was pretty reasonably priced too! I probably should have take some food photos 😉 and more people shots I suppose…


After lunch, we all ambled down the road to Living Room, which is a roof top venue whose entrance is right next to the Maboneng sign.

How awesome is this jam jar? My cocktail of choice for the afternoon was called  Spiked Minty Magic… and was a mix of Southern Comfort, Vodka and strawberry mint lemonade… it was totally yummy, and really not as sweet as the description sounded.

What a gorgeous spot to spend the afternoon! A rooftop cafe overlooking my favourite city and surrounded by friends. Not to mention the amazing decor up there, with so many plants!! It’s a tiny little oasis.

You guys all know how I love Jozi’s city centre, so this afternoon was just perfect! Fiona could not have chosen a better spot to celebrate her birthday!

I need to spend more afternoons like this.