One of the things I really love about the school the kids go to, is their weekly merit system. Every child gets a merit during the year, and this week was Connor’s turn. The teachers keep it secret, and send the parents an SMS a few days before inviting you to the assembly… the idea is that you keep it secret too, so that they’re surprised.

He’s been dying to get a merit award, and I’m convinced he wasn’t expecting it this week… although afterwards he said he thought it was his turn this week 😉

He didn’t even see me sitting at the back of the hall when he walked in… so I could see him do a double take when his name was called out! Sweetie pie 🙂 he only looked for me when he stood in front of the school!

Connor got his merit for being a “whizz at maths” and for trying really hard to finish his work in class. That made me smile. I’m thrilled that he’s also enjoying maths like Bradley is, and it sounds like he’s starting to concentrate in class and not chat the whole day!

He was so funny tonight, in his head this was his special day and everything revolved around him.

So, he HAD to get supper dished up first because he got a merit. I HAD to kiss him goodnight first because he got a merit. He HAD to have a longer shower than normal because of his merit too

He makes me smile 😉