I know, seems like a strange combination, but with Connor around, cuddles at homework time are bound to happen.

I’ve been at home for the last few days, trying to get over this crappy flu that I’ve had for the last 2 weeks. And Bradley has been at home with me. We’ve got the same bug, and in fact the doctor even gave us exactly the same meds!! We’ve both got an ear infection, chest infection, bad sinuses etc.

Connor has been at school like normal, but excitingly for him, I’ve been around to pick him up and have lunch together and do homework. The best part of his homework (in his words) is reading time… and we read together on the bed and he snuggles against my shoulder. I LOVE that he’s reading, and in fact, he’s now reading any and every sign that we drive past too… the best way to learn!

He loves it when I pick him up from school. I really wish I could do it more often.