It’s been a while since we spent a LOT of money on this house, and it’s time we did so.

Our floors are in dire need of some love. The previous owners skimped on everything they did with the house, and the tiling was not properly done at all. We have so many broken tiles in the lounge and passage area, and it’s looking pretty horrific and we cannot hide them anymore.

The kids bathroom and guest bathroom are also a little shabby. The toilet and basin are ancient, and replacing just the loos will save us money on our water bill!

For the last few weeks, since we’ve decided to renovate, I’ve been building a new board on Pinterest so that we can quickly show the builder what we’re wanting.

Basically, this is what we’re planning…

In the lounge, dining room and passage to lighten and brighten and modernise:

  • Replace the tiled floors with screed
  • Paint the walls throughout the house a grey/beige colour very close to white
  • Paint the ceilings  as well as the dark wooden beams white (throughout the house) so it’ll look similar to the first photo.
  • Replace the light fittings in the entire house because the light in our house is non-existant at the moment.
  • Replace all the inside doors with more modern doors and handles.
  • We may also replace the sliding doors in the lounge


White wooden ceiling and beams


Pale screed floor

Pale screed flooring


In the kids and guest bathroom:

  • Replace the loo and basin.. and all other accessories (I definitely want a big round mirror in the bathrooms).
  • Replace the light fittings
  • Tile the walls with white subway tiles. Here lies one of the dilemmas… whether to tile the shower area with blue/turquoise mosaics orstick to the white.
  • And the other dilemma is the floors in the bathroom, we can’t decide between screed or tile

White subway tile and painted walls

White subway tiles with dark floor. Awesome fittings and basin cabinet

Mosaic shower as a contrast

I was at home today because I’m not well, and the builder came to chat to me about timing etc. He can start next week!! Holy moly!! I better get my ass in gear and start buying stuff! We can’t even decide on some things, let alone find them. So we’re going to be spending every extra hour scouring websites and shops!

There is a problem though… looks like we’re going to be homeless for 2 weeks while the floors get done, but there’s no easy way around this. Our floors are so bad, that the tiling has to be removed, and the base resceeded anyway… and the colour hardener we want will take 2 weeks to set properly. So that’s another thing to find 😉

We do have another problem… our pipes in the bathrooms are galvanised, and not copper which means we can’t get the mixers we wanted, and to change the pipes would cost too much and we reckon it’ll be a nightmare with the layout of the house and where the pipes are probably routing! So, we’ll go the easier route and find other fittings rather!