Bradley’s friend Ewan has a burger rating system apparently, so the last time he came for dinner, I had to make burgers. He declared that mine were 4th on his list, much to my amusement.

So on Sunday, after I made my homemade burgers again, I asked Bradley and Connor what their lists of top burgers were.

Sadly, my burgers seem to have dropped off first place! LOL!

Bradley’s list of best burgers:

Rocomamas1. Rocomamas and Squires Loft are tied!

2. Woohoo!! My burgers!

3. Seemanns deliΒ 

4. The Meat Co and Granny’s homemade burgers

10. Wimpy

30. Burger Perfect

40. Spur

50. McDonald’s

Connor’s list of best burgers:

1. Me!! Woohoo!!

2. Wimpy and granny’s homemade burgers!

3. McDonald’s

4. Steers

5. Burger Perfect

20. Spur

My little observation… love how Bradley’s taste experiences are expanding now that he’s older. And although my burgers have dropped off his top spot now, he’s got good taste in burgers πŸ˜‰

I also like the way they didn’t mind skipping many numbers when it came to fast foods that they really don’t enjoy anymore… how amazing is that Spur answer! Woot! If you’re wondering why… it’s the amount of barbeque sauce and basting that gets used on their burgers.

If you’re wondering about my burgers, I use a Jamie Oliver recipe. It’s similar to this recipe for barbeque burgers that I’ve found online… I’ve adjusted it slightly though to suit us. I’ll blog it properly one day when I remember to take photos as I’m cooking! LOL!