I struggled to choose this year, like I struggle every year, and I’m thrilled that 2 of my photos have been chosen for the iPhoneographySA exhibition this year.

These 2 were chosen, out of the 5 I submitted, by the judging panel:

In the Still Life category… my rock roses from my garden. I love this. I’m going to frame it in white I think… it’s my favourite Printwild frame. I can just see this on the wall in our spare room at home… although I’m tempted to put it up for sale. If you’re wondering, it was edited using VSCOcam.


And this one of Connor’s grumpiness in the Portrait category…

I think this one will be printed on canvas. Oh and this was also taken in my garden! LOL! I think this one was edited using Noir.


The iPhoneographySA exhibition takes place in Sandton on 1 October 2014. See you there! I’ll definitely be there that evening 🙂