I spent the morning at the Ten Pin bowling alley at the Zone in Rosebank. I took part in an invitational Pro-Am tournament – The Predator Cup!

You’ll recognise quite a lot of the other 10 amateurs in the photos below, if you’re online a lot. It was so cool to see everyone again, and to meet some people IRL for the first time. We were paired with Central Gauteng league players… most of whom have also played for South Africa!!

It was a little bit of a daunting thought, knowing that the only ten pinning I’ve done in the last 10 years has been with the kiddy sidebars up! LOL!

JJ was my teammate for the tournament, and he was an awesome coach. Although, in the end there were so many things I had to remember! I’m sure he got a little frustrated with me, especially in the second game.

It was a lot of fun. I scored an awesome total in the first game… the highest I’ve EVER scored! Then, the second game came along, and cut me right down to size again. From a high of 133 points, I scored 53 in the second game! How shocking is that?! I found my form again in the 3rd game, but by then it was too late, and we were out of the running for the prizes.

We got proper dinkum bowling shoes!! My kids were uber impressed with I got home with them 🙂 now I have zero excuse… I have to take them bowling when I’m on leave

JJ on the left was my partner!

Was too funny that the tallest person, Hans was teamed with the shortest pro!


Everyone being ever so polite 😉 Did you know that it’s ten pin bowling etiquette to wait until the bowlers in the next lanes have bowled before you bowl? I’m used to a kiddie free for all, so this was new to me.


There was loads of tweeting going on…


How could I not take a photo of the score board? Hey?! How awesome is that score! Check how many strikes I got!

You have to check out @spillly’s Instagram feed for this photo….

And what’s a Twitter tournament without selfies…


Loads of selfies…

… and tweeting and photo editing and instagramming…

And because @rubyletters hates photos… there has to be one of her in action in the finals… before she actually won!!

So after coming home, and explaining how the league works… it sounds like my kids want to go for lessons!!

JJ was telling me that the pros give juniors lessons at the Rosebank Ten Pin alley every Sunday morning. Now that sounds like a plan.