My mom and I took the boys to the Montecasino bird park yesterday afternoon. We haven’t been there in years! The boys loved it!

We timed the visit so that we could wander around the gardens before we saw the show.

First stop was the lorikeet cage so that we could feed the birds with nectar in little tubs. The boys weren’t so sure about this, but eventually Bradley decided that if my mom and I could do it, he could too!

Then Connor fed the ducks and geese…

Before we said hello just a few times to the parrots 🙂

Then it was time for the show 🙂

Bradley volunteered right at the beginning of the show, and to his surprise a kookaburra flew out and landed on his head!!  Love the look on that lady’s face 😉

We loved the show… with all the birds flying over our heads.

We also loved the story about the blue cranes… because of the conservation efforts, the numbers of South Africa’s national bird have increased from 7000 to 25000 in the wild!! How cool is that?!

At the end of the show, we donated money to conservation efforts… the notes were grabbed from the kids hands by a crow who then placed the notes in a large container!

It was another successful day’s outing 🙂