When Connor was smaller, taking the boys out for a game of ten pin bowling, or anything really, was pretty easy. Bradley would win. Connor would have fun. There were smiles and loads of laughter.

As they’ve got older they’ve got more competitive, and Connor is now able to play properly against his big brother.

OMW today was a challenge!

I’m on leave for the week, and we’re not going anywhere because of the renovations. The idea is to take them out somewhere exciting every day.

Today’s plan was a game of Adventure Golf with old tickets I found in my bag. Win! Then to goΒ to ten pin bowling… also at Brightwater Common. And then find somewhere for lunch.

All’s well when we start. Connor flew through the Adventure Golf course that he chose, and got a really good score with a few birdies and even eagles. By then end, Bradley was beginning to lose his sense of humour because he hadn’t beaten Connor on a single hole! Eventually he was sulking completely, and refused to finish the game and putted his ball into the bushes, and it couldn’t be found! Of the joys of the beginnings of teen hormones!

So, only one game was played. I wasn’t very keen to go through that again.

Then it was ten pin bowling. Connor had a whopper of a game again, and scored his very first strike! Bradley managed a spare in the game, and thankfully ended up beating Connor by 1 point… it was looking a little dire at some stage.

I decided to bow out the tournament then, and the boys played another game. Connor won. Only by 7 points. Bradley was NOT impressed.

However, in the end it became a bit of a laugh, because Bradley and I could not believe how Connor kept getting spares with the way he was bowling! He’d run up to the line, and then swing his arm, and twist it so much before the ball went flying away from his hands. The ball would bang around the lane from side to side, until it finally ended up slap bang in the middle of the skittles… every single time. It was crazy!

I actually asked Connor at some stage, whether he’d like to go for the pro lessons that are on offer for kids at Rosebank every Sunday, but he said no. Clever kid! He knows he’s more likely to get a high score with the lane fences being up, and being ignorant about form! LOL!

The only way to remedy the situation was for Bradley to choose a lunch venue. Connor was on such a high by then, that he really didn’t mind. Bradley was determined to get his own way by then though.

Bradley was thrilled. He chose Rocomamas. It’s his favourite burger joint… and Connor didn’t have a great experience there the last time with ribs that he really didn’t enjoy. Bradley was then in his element showing Connor how to order properly to make sure that he liked his meal this time.

And then equilibrium was restored again. I needed wine by then πŸ˜‰

Hopefully tomorrow’s planned excursion will be a more level playing field, so I have less drama to deal with.