This is Connor’s favourite thing right now… wearing headphones and watching Minecraft YouTube videos on Stampy Longhead’s channel. Do you know that guy has almost 3.4m subscribers?!

The other day I saw a tweet in my stream punting Minecraft, and it said something like… You get instructions with Lego, but you only have your imagination with Minecraft.

Well, I beg to differ. The kids swap tactics at school, and then watch YouTube channels on how to do complex things. But I suppose it still requires more imagination than simply following Lego instructions.

In fact, have you noticed the XBox controller in the photo? Connor was watching Stampy videos and then following his instructions to build some fancy house.


We’ve had to start limiting their┬átime on YouTube now. They’re both completely obsessed with gaming videos!

Talking about Lego vs Minecraft… wish we could get this Lego here!


Update: Turns out I was wrong!! Creative Play (online shop) stocks the Minecraft sets as well as Play and Build Toys