I’ve been blogging for a while. In fact, I started my first blog when I was pregnant with Connor, so it’s been 7 and a half years. And, I’ve been on online forums for longer than that.

Yesterday on Twitter, I started following another sports brand and it got me thinking. My interests have changed so much over the last years, and as they have, my blog and Twitter and other online social media accounts have changed too.

And I think that’s normal! There’s no way that you can have the same interests for years and years and years… that’s just unhealthy.

Let me explain…

When I started blogging, and started getting involved in online communities… and following other blogs… I was all about babies and being a new mom and the daunting thought of raising kids. All I spoke about was kids and babies. All the blogs I followed and the Twitter handles I started following when Twitter started, were other moms in the same boat as me.

Then life changed. I got involved in photography. And I started following hoardes of photography blogs and Twitter handles etc. And my blog was all about photography… and I’ve got a photography blog too, so there were 2 places to keep up to date.  It got more manic, when I was trying to work out whether I could give up my day job… so there were loads of photography business accounts I started following and sharing. And I became an influencer (local and international)… especially when I was writing for international photography blogs too!

Then I decided that I couldn’t. So I needed to rev up my career and I got interested in banking trends and social media… surprise surprise… my career changed because of my photography. So I started sharing more about that… and I became an influencer in those topics locally.

Then I got dogs, and I blogged about huskies. My latest topic of choice is running… I’m following sports brands and running magazines for the first time in my life and I’m blogging about fitness and tweeting links to races!! That’s not exactly the same target market as photographers LOL!

Although, one thing that’s remained the same, is my love for Joburg and blogging about places to go and things to do and see here.

The word “influencer” became a buzzword somewhere along my journey. LOL!

I was chatting to a colleague this week about influencers, and we were talking about online (local and international) blogging and other social media platforms that help influencers connect to brands… and then ultimately get paid for taking part in campaigns. And I started thinking about my journey and my “following”.

It struck me that I’m not easy to place in a box. I’ve been involved in so many different online communities over the last 9 years (since I started being part of online parenting communities), and I’m not even sure where I’m influential anymore. I’m followed by parents, mostly moms… photographers… decor and event planning people… dog owners… and now runners etc. And there are a lot of people that RSS feed my blog, and read it via FB and Twitter and connect to me on various social media platforms (including the amazing number of 35000 people following me on Google+!).

Over the years I’ve been added to quite a few different PR lists of influencers. And I love that I’m included as an “influencer”. I love it more when the invite relates to me though… and I tend to turn a lot down, because it really makes no sense getting involved in most campaigns.

Thankfully, I no longer get invited to nappy launches!! No idea why anyone would think that I would care about nappies anymore ;)… although I do know, annoyingly, that PR companies rarely even read the blogs or Twitter streams of influencers to make sure they’re the right kind of person they’re inviting to something.

Anyway, I’m rambling now.

My point is… I’m not the same person I was when this blog started. Well I am literally the same… but my interests have changed. I’m OK with that.

I’m only happy when I’m learning and changing.

I’m also very happy when I can contribute to something meaningful… which is why I love being included on influencer lists… and getting invited to things.

I just wish I could explain eloquently, that I’m not JUST a mom blogger, or a photographer, or a dog lover. And that’s maybe why people follow my blog and Twitter etc… I’m not just one dimensional. And I’m OK with that.

I’m just not easy to slot into a PR box 😉