We’re a week into the renovations at home.

So far, Peter and his crew have done the following:

1. Removed all the tiles in the passage and lounge and diningroom. In fact that was done by day 2!

2. Replaced the old galvanised piping in the boys bathroom, and nearly finished replacing the piping in the guest loo.

3. Sanded the stairs and wooden poles in the ceiling, and the ceilings have been painted in the diningroom and lounge… this is being done now because of the scaffolding needed for the job.

4. Covered the entire kitchen in a layer of white dust… from the concrete and wood filing… OMW it’s going to take days to clean the kitchen properly! The rest of the rooms have been sealed, but we couldn’t seal the kitchen because we need to feed the dogs. I should’ve boxed everything in the kitchen, but I did not think it would get this filthy!

We can already see the difference these┬áchanges are going to make to the house! It’s already looking and feeling brighter and lighter… just with the ceilings now being white! It’s going to be big and airy when it’s done ­čÖé

However, as always when you’re renovating, there are already things that have cropped up that were unexpected. Although we knew the tiling was shockingly done by the previous owners, we didn’t realise how bad it was. The passage floor was riddled with holes. The steps in the lounge were completely hollow because they were too lazy to cut tiles for the steps, and filled the empty space with badly mixed cement instead! There are random electrical cables running through the floor too, and a few other issues that were found.

We have out work cut out for us this weekend though. Peter needs the shower tiles and our wall paint colours by Monday!!

The dogs are completely out of sorts, and have been on a kind of hunger strike for the week. Under the circumstances I think they’re doing ok though, and we’ll have to take Kimo on many walks to get rid of his energy and to make sure he’s feeling loved. Kitara is a little more tricky with her legs.