July was NOT a good month for running! After the 10km race in June, I picked up an ankle injury… and then after I went to Zimbabwe for a wedding, I came down with hectic flu.

I was really out of action for more than 3 weeks! So July’s stats are not the most fabulous to share… but hey, you cannot go through the year without fitness challenges, right?

During July I…

  • ran 4 times
  • spent 2:40:33 hours on the road
  • ran at an average pace of 6:56 min/km
  • ran a total of 23,1km! Shocking considering I ran over 70 in June.
  • Didn’t run any races
  • lost a total of 5kg and 15cm (since I started running)
  • Dropped a clothing size!! And loads of people are commenting about my weight now, and even how my face has changed and is thinner than it was.
  • no longer look permanently 4 months pregnant

The physio told me this month that I need to see a podiatrist. My pronation is pretty bad… and the Nike Zoom Structure shoes I bought in February are already creasing on the inside sole. Shoes should last for 800km, and I’ve only done 350km  with them! She gave me exercises to strengthen my feet and ankles, as well as my outer thighs… if I don’t sort out that strength she reckons I may start getting issues with my knees! She also told me that I’d probably overdone it in June… with running, and then also running with the dogs on the same days! She’s probably right 😉

I think the long rest, enforced by the crappy flu that had me on antibiotics and cortisone was a blessing for my feet and ankles. When I started running at Run Walk for Life again this week, all those niggles were non-existant!

I’ve also got itchy feet now! I’m raring to get going again! I’m eyeing out a few 10km races in the next month, although realistically I doubt I’ll be able to do them because of the photoshoots I’ve booked.

BIG NEWS > I’ve signed up for my first 21km race! How mad am I? LOL!

I’ve registered to run this year’s Soweto half marathon in November! The race is now sponsored by Nike, so it should be awesome and well organised. I have 3 months to train for it… I reckon it’s achievable.

When I tweeted about it, Runners World SA (@runnersworldsa) replied and sent me a link to their 21km training programs. I think I’ll do the one they’ve got for beginners. I did giggle this morning at RWFL when I spoke to Rene about training programs for the race. She asked me what my goal was. My word, I haven’t even thought that far yet… I just want to finish it without killing myself!! I’m sure I’ll have more of an idea about timing closer to the time and once I’ve started running longer distances than 10km, but for now it all feels a little daunting.

How gorgeous is my watch? 🙂 I’m loving this TomTom runner! I did forget today though that I needed to start it… and although it’s showing 6km, I actually ran 7km.