There is so much going on right now, and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed. Again.

This is a recurring theme on my blog, but I don’t actually blog about it as often as it really happens.

I also don’t talk about it. Very few people actually know what’s going on. I rarely talk about what’s really happening anymore. And in fact, if I blog about it, I don’t share the post on my Facebook profile because I know that’s how most people read my blog. Only the people that really care read my blog properly… and that’s ok 😉

It’s not that it’s a secret.

I think it’s because I don’t think people really care. In fact, no-one at work really knows what’s going on in my life… I actually miss having a close friend at work like I used to have. Oh well, such is life.

My sources of angst at the moment… other than work…are…

  • The fact that we’re moving to my parents on Monday, and I haven’t even thought about clothes to move. Thankfully Beauty (our helper) has been an angel and packed all the shelves etc this week… we just have to move all the furniture on Sunday.
  • I’m completely stressed about leaving the dogs at home while we renovate. It means very long days because I’ll have to go there before work and after work to feed them and walk them and give them some love.
  • Kitara’s other leg looks like it may need an op too.
  • The renovations.
  • How come so many home shops are closed on Sundays and Saturday afternoons?! That’s the only time I have!! So, this means we still haven’t chosen all the tiles we need, or bought the taps, or bought bedroom doors and handles yet!! And the building is starting on MONDAY!!
  • I’m so far behind with my editing it’s not funny. My backup drive with my second photographers photos failed, and I’ve lost so much time trying to get the photos from the Zimbabwe wedding… I’ve got them now… but OMW the stress! Thankfully Lerika kept her photos!
  • My photography business desperately needs some branding and website love. It’s feeling stale.
  • Photography admin… need I say more. In fact, I’ve also had to find the time this week to organise new boxes… and try and organise new sample photobooks (didn’t get to the last one)
  • I should really do some marketing for my business, but I really don’t have the energy or the time
  • The kids are on holiday and I’d LOVE to take them away for a few days… but the building… and the money!!
  • The timing of the building is horrid, and it’s between seasons, so I have to pack summer and winter clothing… and school stuff in case it runs late and the house is still unliveable when they get back to school.
  • Lance is working the most hellish hours and getting very little sleep or rest or food actually… and in fact, it’s now 11:30pm on a Friday night, and he’s going to work now. Which means that tomorrow morning he’ll be sleeping when I go out… and the kids will be left to their own devices.
  • I stupidly booked 2 shoots on Sunday… and we have to move!! On the same day!!
  • And somewhere along the line I need to train for the 21km
  • Did I mention leaving the house is stressing me out?! Especially after a story I heard this week about a colleague’s house that was burgled while renovations were happening.
  • And there’s more too… but although they’re causing me stress, they’re not really my stories to tell.

Running is helping. So is my wine.