If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you would’ve seen that Kitara was at the vet this week.

Last week friday, she started limping, and by Saturday morning she couldn’t even put her paw down. Now, we’ve been having an issue with her legs for a while. She was X-rayed 2 years ago to try and find the problem, but the vet said that there was nothing wrong at the time.

Then in January, when I took her for her annual jabs, that vet said that she struggles because of the shape of her legs.

She’s been struggling for years. Bearing in mind, she’s only 4 years old! In fact, we stopped taking her on long walks a while ago, because she’s almost crippled the day after a hectic long or fast run or walk. The furthest we can walk her is about 2.5km. Now that’s not far at all for a husky! Kimo (her brother) can easily go for a 6km run, not that we do it with him often.

So, Saturday morning, I trundled off to the vet. We came home after she got an injection for pain, painkillers and an instruction to get her back to the vet on Monday morning. The vet said that it could be a few things, and he needed to put her under anaesthetic to work out what the problem was.

Poor dog.

On Monday morning, she was still hobbling, and I got her to the vet at sparrows fart. I left instructions that they were to do what they needed to do to fix her. Turns out, I needed to specify that because from the way the vet spoke to me, it sounded like most people wouldn’t have let them do the op if they needed to because of the cost. My thing… she’s only 4… I can’t live with myself if she’s in that pain all the time… it’s not fair on her.

Kitara ended up having an implant in her knee to replace the tendons that were causing her pain. She had a lot of damage to herร‚ย ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). In addition, they did xrays to find out why her back legs were so weak, and also found a low grade incident of Hip Dysplasia.

Now huskies are not supposed to get hip dysplasia!! Not that we’re going to be fixing that… it’s a low grade. However, what it does mean, is that her diet has to change and she now needs joint supplements.

Anyway, when I took the kids to visit her on Monday evening it was a little traumatic. She was still dopey, but she tried so hard to leave her cage. We sat with her and petted her for about 30 minutes, before they closed. She cried the entire time, and tried to bury her head in my arms. It was so sad.

She came home on Wednesday evening, and it’s been a challenge since then.

She’s very weak, unless Kimo goes close to her… and then she growls furiously at him. Today… 4 days after the op, she’s finally got a shine back in her eyes, and is wagging her tail when she sees us. She also stood up when we got home today, and tried to hobble over to us. She managed not to collapse. Lance still has to pick her up to put her on her bed at night though.

She’s not supposed to be in a large area, but she refuses to even come inside at the moment. We’re going to have to move her to a smaller space tomorrow somehow… now that she’s getting more mobile. Not entirely sure how we’re going to do that yet.

Her wound is huge. I’m not going to pretend that it’s small. The cut goes from the top of her leg and runs past her knee. I’m really hoping that it heals ok. You can kind of see it in the photo.

I’m just really praying that this works though, and that she’ll be able to go on walks with us again.